Does your child have a lot of Duplo collectible sets but never seems to have enough bricks to build everything he wants to? If so, then this is the set you have been looking for. In this set you get a whopping 80 bricks with which your child can build pretty much anything his heart desires. The set comes with bricks in every shape and color, so the possibilities are endless. The set features bricks in five different sizes and includes bricks in the colors of red, green, yellow, blue, light green, orange, black, and white. It also comes with two transparent blue pieces, which is a nice addition to the normal colored bricks.

This set is truly fantastic in its simplicity. With so many collectible sets out there featuring circuses, ice cream, cakes, zoos, farms, etc. this set really takes you right back to the basics and reminds you of why you fell in love with Legos in the first place. There aren’t all the bells and whistles of the other sets, it is just bricks, and the perfect amount to enable you to build anything you can conjure up in your imagination. This would make a great starter set as well. Get your hands on this set and you will be reminded of that great feeling sitting and building skyscrapers with your Legos back when Legos were simply Legos.