Why Brick Toys Are Good for Our Toddlers?

Being a toddler is all about exploring and discovering. When playing with brick toys, the exploration and discovery become learning, which further encourage them to play with a certain purpose. For an instance, a toddler begins playing with brick toys by touching the different size and shape, she then try to make noise from the bricks. With a bit help from parents at the beginning, the child then stack two or more bricks. The child then can explore the many possibilities of building with bricks and discover that she can make something on her own, that she can transform bricks into something, into anything and she can give a name to it too!
This way of learning increases the child's creativity, confidence, perseverance and curiosity.

Duplo Set Reviews

Want to get a Duplo set for your child but not sure which to get? Here we compile what we think some of the best review videos out there to share with you.

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Duplo Ideas

Discover a collection of ultimate Ideas what you can build with Lego Duplo bricks, give your toddler some inspirations equipped with fun facts, and let their imagination soar.

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Instructional Videos

Watch and build! These handy videos for Duplo instructions containing step by step and brick by brick to help you and your little ones with building some simple models.

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Duplo Alphabet Mats

These Lego Duplo Alphabet mats are a great way to encourage your little one to begin learning the alphabet while engaged in creative play. The mats each feature a different letter of the alphabet and are simple and fun to use. We are giving it away as a free gift to our subscribers... Read More

Latest Review Videos

LEGO DUPLO My First Garden 10517

The My First Garden Duplo set includes many bonuses. First, it comes with a base plate, which every collector of Legos knows you cannot have enough of. Second, it comes with a boy figure and kids love the sets that come with people figures for them to play with. As a third bonus it also… Read More

LEGO DUPLO Building Plates 4632

Most Lego collectors know that you can never seem to have enough base plates. If you are looking to add some base plates to your collection then this might be the set you have been looking for. This set it nice in that it comes with multiple plates (3) and in multiple colors (red, yellow,… Read More

LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Batcave Adventure 10545 Building Toy

If your child is into super heroes, then he or she will love this set. With 59 pieces it comes with everything a child needs to create the ultimate batcave. This set features two figures, batman and catwoman, as well as a host of other cool accessories such as a cannon, a slide, a rope,… Read More

LEGO DUPLO Princess Ariel Undersea Castle 10515

Wow, what a set! Any little girl would be thrilled to find this set waiting under the Christmas tree for her. Featuring 39 pieces including an Ariel figure, Flounder figure, a slide, a swing, seaweed, a treasure chest, and a brick decorated with Sebastian, and so much more! The Little Mermaid is a favorite among… Read More

LEGO DUPLO My First Fire Station 6138

This is a truly awesome Duplo set. It has 60 pieces which is a decent amount for a Duplo set. It comes with two firemen figures and a dog figure, which immediately boosts the cool factor of this set. It also comes with two mini vehicles: a car and a fire truck. The fire truck… Read More

LEGO DUPLO Basic Bricks 6176 (80 Pieces)

Does your child have a lot of Duplo collectible sets but never seems to have enough bricks to build everything he wants to? If so, then this is the set you have been looking for. In this set you get a whopping 80 bricks with which your child can build pretty much anything his heart… Read More

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