Most Lego collectors know that you can never seem to have enough base plates. If you are looking to add some base plates to your collection then this might be the set you have been looking for. This set it nice in that it comes with multiple plates (3) and in multiple colors (red, yellow, and green). The plates are also multiple sizes, which is great for being able to build different creations.

The red plate is 10” x 5” and the yellow and green plates are both 5” x 5”. The smaller plates can be used for more than just building on, they can also be used to make roofs for structures which can then be built upon. The three plates can also be place together for a larger building base. As with all Duplo products these plates are durable and safe for children. They are sturdy and lightweight, so easy for little hands to use. They also have no sharp edges so they are safe for children of all ages to play with. Since so many sets don’t come with base plates, these plates make a nice addition to a Duplo collection to allow even more creative play for your little ones. If your child makes good use of his Duplo collection then he is sure to get a lot of value from these building plates!