If your child is into super heroes, then he or she will love this set. With 59 pieces it comes with everything a child needs to create the ultimate batcave. This set features two figures, batman and catwoman, as well as a host of other cool accessories such as a cannon, a slide, a rope, a Bata rang, a briefcase, a fire brick, and bricks decorated as a TV and computer screen.

There is a lot going on with this set which makes it perfect for inspiring creative play. The fire element can be put on the back of the Bata rang to make it look like fire is coming out the back of it. I also like that catwoman is included in the set as that makes it more appealable to girls as well as boys. This set also compliments other super hero sets well, as they can then all utilize the batcave. With all of the accessories your child can spend hours upon hours coming up with different story lines for the characters to play out. One downside to this set is that it doesn’t come with a lot of bricks. It pretty much comes with just enough bricks to build the Batcave featured on the box, so if you are looking for a set to compliment other sets then this perfect, but if you are looking for a starter set then this would probably not be very good for that. It is also a little pricier than some other sets of this size, but the fact that is a Batman collectible set has a lot to do with that. Other than that, with the rope on top of the Batcave and all of the other accessories that come in this set it makes a great addition to any existing Duplo collection!