This is a truly awesome Duplo set. It has 60 pieces which is a decent amount for a Duplo set. It comes with two firemen figures and a dog figure, which immediately boosts the cool factor of this set. It also comes with two mini vehicles: a car and a fire truck. The fire truck comes complete with a ladder and a hose. The set also comes with a flame shaped brick to represent the fire that the firemen need to put out. The set also comes with assorted bricks that can be used to build a house with two windows.

The pieces are the perfect size for little fingers and the two windows are a great bonus because kids love opening and closing them. The ladder is also a nice feature as it allows a fireman to “rescue” the dog or other fireman from the top of the house. The hose is a really cool feature too as it allows children to simulate putting out the fire. I also like the hose is hooked up to a fire hydrant. This led to a teachable moment with my son when he asked me what it was and why the hose was hooked up to it. Now when we are out and about and he sees a fire hydrant he always points it out to us and exclaims that it is for helping firemen in case of a fire.

The vehicles in this set are mini vehicles so they are smaller than the usual standard vehicles that come in Duplo sets but I actually like that about them because it makes them perfect for travel toys. They are the perfect size to carry with us for him to play with in the car or while we wait for our food at a restaurant. All in all this is a great theme set!