The My First Garden Duplo set includes many bonuses. First, it comes with a base plate, which every collector of Legos knows you cannot have enough of. Second, it comes with a boy figure and kids love the sets that come with people figures for them to play with. As a third bonus it also comes with animal figures, a pony and a goat, which kids also love to have included in the sets they play with. In addition to the base plate, boy figure, and animal figures, this set also includes the bricks needed to build a house with a window, a fence, a pitchfork, flowers, and an apple decorated brick that can be used to build an apple tree.

One thing that is a little different about this set from others I have seen is that the green base plate serves as the lid to the box that the set comes in. I do wish the box was plastic instead of cardboard because it is not as durable for long term as I would like it to be and having the lid able to be built on would make more sense with a plastic tub. All in all this is a great set, though. Little ones can spend hours of creative play building their house and garden. A fence can be put around the garden to keep the pony and goat out and the gardener can use the pitchfork to work in the garden. The swinging window is a good feature as little ones love being able to open and close it. As with all Duplo sets the pieces are durable and high quality. Perfect for children of all ages!