If you are looking to start your child’s Duplo collection off with a bang, then this is the set for you. When a child receives this set as a gift he will feel like he just hit the motherlode of all Duplo sets. Featuring 102 different pieces, your child is not likely to tire of this set anytime soon.

The set comes with two people figures, which is always a plus, as well as window frames and a door for building a house and it even comes with pieces that can be used to build a tree for the house’s yard. The set also comes with a wheel base so that your child can build a car for the people included in the set. The great thing about a wheel base is that it allows your child to create as many different cars as his imagination can conjure up. When he gets tired of playing with the firetruck he has built, he can just tear it apart and build a police car instead. The set also comes with a green base plate which can be used to build the house on or whatever else he can imagine. Base plates are great because they really encourage creativity as you can use the bricks included in the kit to build pretty much anything on it.

This set has everything you could want in an ideal Duplo set: a base plate, a wheel base, people figures, and lots and lots of bricks in all different shapes and sizes. While this set can be a bit pricey, it is worth the money for all that you get.