Girls and boys alike will enjoy playing with this set. It comes with everything little ones need to make any kid of cake they can think of. The set includes 2 muffin cups, 3 muffin tops, 3 candles, 2 meringues, flowers and assorted other Duplo bricks. Some of the Duplo bricks are rounded which makes them good to be used to make different muffins, cupcakes, and cakes. There are also pieces that look like icing so that you can decorate the cakes and cupcakes however you like. The set also comes with a storage box, which is always a bonus, and the box has plenty of room left in it to be added to. As a child’s Duplo collection grows, you can never have enough storage boxes. As an added bonus, the lid on the storage box can also be used as a serving tray for the cakes.

A really nice touch is the included “recipes” that comes with this set. It shows how to use the items in the set to make all sorts of different treats. Of course after playing with the set for a while, your child will have her creativity sparked and begin building cakes and muffins that she herself has created, but having the recipe guide is nice for getting started with the set. The candles are also a nice touch, as they allow your child to make birthday cakes. There are enough pieces in the set to be able to build a cake and still have enough left to make a couple of cupcakes too. This set is sure to spark creativity in every little baker who plays with it!