This set is amazing. I would even go so far as to call it my son’s favorite of all of his Duplo sets. The set comes with three car bases, a traffic light, a gas pump, and a combination of bricks that can be used to be make many different cars. My son plays with this for hours, and even though he is only three he is able to build and take apart the cars completely by himself, which is a huge plus for me as a mom.

This set has really sparked his creativity and he has gotten very good at building the different cars. The set comes with a poster that shows different combinations of cars that can be built with the set including a tow truck, fire truck, fuel truck, police car, dump truck, and many more. Right away my son was able to look at the poster and begin building the different cars pictured there. At first I was a little disappointed that the set only came with three wheel bases, but this has actually turned out to be a good thing because the set is able to keep his attention better that way. Once he gets tired of playing with the set of cars the he has built, he simply takes them apart and builds three new ones. He zooms them around “town” and has them stop at the gas station to get gas. The set comes with a gas hose which can be used to build a gas pump or it can be used on a fuel truck. He loves pretending a car has run out of gas and then having the tow truck tow it to the gas pump to get gas.

After playing with the set for a while he is starting to get more creative by building his own custom cars rather than just the ones on the poster. He has even started putting two of the wheel bases together to create a semi-truck, which really impressed me. I am highly considering purchasing another one of these sets so he will have more wheel bases to build with.

The sky is the limit with this set, a child is able to build as many different combinations of cars as his imagination allows him to! Perfect buy for sparking little ones’ creativity!