This set is really cute and is a great way to spark creative in your child. What child doesn’t love ice cream? And with this set kids can play ice cream shop to their heart’s content.

The set comes with 3 ice cream cones, 6 different colored scoops of ice cream, a blueberry brick, a Popsicle brick, and several classic Duplo bricks. Children use the scoops of ice cream to build their perfect ice cream cone. The scoops have pictures of toppings on top of them, such as hot fudge or butterscotch, and you can end with the scoop that has the topping you want. The blueberry brick can also be put on top of an ice cream scoop for the ultimate topping. The different colored bricks can be used to make a rainbow colored Popsicle by placing them on the Popsicle stick-like brick.

This set inspires hours of play and the ice cream scoops can be switched around with the three cones to make endless combinations of ice cream. My son loves to play ice cream shop with it where he lays the cones and different scoops out on the floor and me and his Dad come and order which ice cream we want and he makes it for us. He also builds ice cream cones for our dogs and pretends to feed it to them. He can play with this set for hours. It really keeps his attention. This set is a great buy!