This is every little girl’s dream Duplo set. Based on Disney’s Cinderella, the set comes with Cinderella and Prince Charming. This set is truly awesome, as it comes with a large amount of accessories.

The castle has a lot of neat features including a staircase, doors that open, and different towers for Cinderella and the prince to explore. The set includes a table and chairs, a chest, a mirror, a bed, and two blankets. Once everything is set up, Cinderella and her prince can have a romantic dinner for two and then lay down for a nice nap.
This set also comes with a few specialty bricks which allow your child to add finishing touches to the castle. The specialty bricks include a fireplace brick, a plate with biscuits brick, a chandelier brick, and a portal brick. With these bricks your child can decorate the castle to her liking.
Another neat feature of this set is that Cinderella’s skirt is removable so it can be interchanged with the skirts of other Duplo characters. The set also comes with a large number of bricks, which can be used to build all of sorts of creations, not just limited to the castle.

An instruction booklet is included on how to build the castle and it is very easy to build following the instructions, which is a plus. The bricks can also be used to build any number of things, as many things as your child’s imagination can create. The bricks are pink and purple which make them attractive to little girls and all of the accessories make this set interesting to play with over and over again.

This set really inspires imaginative play and role playing. Any child who enjoys playing with dollhouses will get a lot of use out of this set. The set is a bit pricier than most Duplo sets, but that is to be expected when Disney’s name is on it, and the large number of bricks and accessories that this set comes with makes it worth the extra price. There isn’t a little girl out there who wouldn’t love to have this set!