This Duplo set is great. It comes with two workmen, and lots of accessories such as a road sign, cone, small building plates, and many bricks to build with. It also features two truck bases which can be used to create trucks for the workmen to use. The set comes with parts to make a dump truck and a bucket truck but it also comes with a gray swivel piece which can be used to make a crane, with is really awesome. The gray swivel piece can be used to create a tower of blocks which spins and can be used to attach the two trucks together so that they swivel. I have never seen a piece like it in a Duplo set and it is a really neat piece that can bring hours of fun in and of itself. It’s great that this set comes with two truck bases because it combines two things that most little boys love: Legos and trucks.

All of the accessories can be used to setup the construction site and then the two workmen can use the trucks to help complete construction. The set even comes with a shovel for when the workmen need to clean up debris. As with all Duplo sets, the pieces are durable and safe for little ones to play with. The pieces are just the right size for young learners to be able to figure out how to snap them together and apart by themselves pretty quickly. All in all this set is a great buy which is sure to inspire hours of fun and creativity!