The sky is the limit with this Lego Duplo set! It comes jam packed with fun accessories sure to inspire hours of creative and imaginative play. The set includes a boy figure, a girl figure, a turtle, and a rabbit for your child to play with. For building fun, there are a wide selection of colorful bricks, 2 windows, a door, numbered bricks, and decorated bricks.

I like that this set has added educational value through the numbered and decorated bricks. There is a matching decorated brick for each numbered brick, so you can ask your child to match them up. For example, the match to the brick featuring the number 3 is a brick decorated with three eggs. I also like that the set comes with a total of 95 bricks, which is a great amount to kick off your child’s Duplo collection and really gives them the flexibility as to the different creations they can make with the set.

Another added bonus to this set is that it comes in a storage container and this particular set only fills up about half of the container, so more bricks can be added and the container still work great for storage. The set also comes with pictures of different creations that can be made using the bricks in this set such as a train and an airplane. The set also comes with a car base, so a car be built and utilized by the figures in the set.

The pieces are all durable and good quality which makes them able to withstand the abuse they receive in little hands. And if they get dirty, they can be washed and sanitized in the dishwasher, which makes them super easy to maintain.

If you are looking to introduce your little one to Duplos for the first time, this is the perfect starter set! It is also a good way to add to an existing collection. You will be amazed what your child can create with this set! It’s a truly great buy that will get years of use.