The My First Zoo Duplo set is perfect for little animal lovers. The set comes with many accessories and is sure to spark creativity and imaginative play in your little one. The set feature a zoo keeper, a car for the zoo keeper, an elephant, a tiger, a polar bear, a giraffe, and a fish. The set also comes with plenty of Duplo bricks with which to build a zoo.

The set has some cute features, such as it comes with little “gates” which can be used to make it look like the animals are in cages. My son loves playing with the car that came in the kit. He sets up his zoo and then has the zoo keeper zoom around in the car to check on and feed the animals. He has the zoo keeper feed the fish to the polar bear. I didn’t know he knew that polar bear’s eat fish, but this set has shown me that he does! He gets very creative with this set, even at one point pretending that the tiger had escaped and having firemen and a police officer from one of his other Duplo sets embark on a manhunt to retrieve him. Very imaginative.

This set is also a good way to teach younger children about animal sounds. My eighteen-month-old nephew loves playing with this set and I always ask him to tell me what a tiger says or what an elephant says and loves making the sounds with me. The pieces are also large enough to be easy for him to grasp and durable enough to withstand his roughness.

This set would make a great addition to any Duplo collection!