My son had built a large city out of his Duplo Lego sets and still had many bricks left that he hadn’t used, but had no space to build something with them. So I searched around online and came across the building plates you can buy to allow your child to add to the Duplo city that he has built. I purchased two of these and they have worked out great.

They are larger than I expected, which is great. Each plate actually measures over a foot long. My son was able to fit two small houses, a fire truck, a firefighter, and a dog all on one plate. The plates are very durable, sometimes my son gets fairly rough with them and they have held up fine. The plates are also available in many different colors: red, yellow, blue, or green. I ordered two of the green plates because green just seemed to fit better with the city that he had built.

I like too that you can place the building plate on a small table for younger children who like to stand at a table and build. In fact, I bought an end table at a garage sell for a few bucks and glued one of the plates to the top of it to make a Lego table and it has worked out great, the building plate is just the right size for the tabletop and the kids love it.

If you are in the market for a Lego table put don’t want to spend much on one, using one of these building plates glued to a small table top can be a quick and easy solution.
All in all this turned out to be a great buy for us and I recommend it for all little Duplo lovers!