This set would make a great addition to any Duplo collection. The set comes with four different animals: a giraffe, a polar bear, a tiger, and an elephant. It also comes with two flowers, a zoo keeper, a piece shaped like tall grass, and ten brick pieces. I like that the zoo keeper is a female. There are many sets which feature a male in all the occupations, so it is nice to have a female hold the occupation in this set.

The bricks can be used to build different habitats for the animals: a grassland for the giraffe, an icy river for the polar bear, and a plant refuge for the tiger or elephant. As a bonus, the zoo keeper can ride on the elephant.

My son loves playing with this set and it is easy to use interactively with other sets that he owns. It would work well as an expansion to the My First Zoo set. The animals are in fixed positions, but the zoo keeper is movable, which is nice. My son enjoys having her go through the movements of taking care of the animals. And he really likes that she can ride on the elephant.

The pieces are durable and just the right side for little hands. My eighteen month old nephew loves to play with this set when he comes over and the animals are the perfect size for him to grasp. And they have fared well against his sometimes rather rough form of play.

My son has become very creative with this set. The zoo that we frequent has a train you can ride around the zoo, so he sets up the animals and then gets his Duplo train and makes it go around them with the zoo keeper on it. It’s really cute that he thought to do that.

This is a perfect set for little ones and the fact that it has a female zoo keeper gives it an added bonus! Highly recommended!